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Colors in church logos: blue

This is the first part in a mini-series of articles that feature church logos based on their primary color. It should be fun!


It’s not an accident I start with blue. Research done by the good folks over at KISSmetrics shows that blue is both men and women’s favorite color. There are a few theories why that is. Some say it’s because, out of all the colors, blue is the least offensive visually. Others claim that a blue sky is a sign of good weather. In the case of Mark Zuckerberg, it’s because he is red-green colorblind. If you’ve ever wondered why Facebook is blue, now you know.

So let’s see which churches use blue as the primary color in their visual style.


CherrydaleDesigner: Philip LesterNancy Carter

Living Waters

Living WatersDesigner: Rachel Getsinger

The Avenue Church

The Avenue ChurchDesigner: Cade Cran

Stone Church

Stone ChurchDesigner: Mark Edward

Neighborhood Church

Neighborhood ChurchDesigner: Clint McManaman

Redeemer Reformed Church

Redeemer Reformed ChurchDesigner: Josiah Jost

Community Bible Fellowship

Community Bible FellowshipDesigner: Grace Oris

Calvary Church

Calvary ChurchDesigner: Robert Lane

City of Grace

City of graceDesigner: I*AM Design

Northside Church of Christ

Church/Cross ExperimentsDesigner: Kristin Lasita

Church on the Rock

Church on the RockDesigner: Brandon Jones

Crosspoint Encuentro Church

Crosspoint Encuentro ChurchDesigner: David Bilbo

Smithville Baptist Church

Smithville Baptist ChurchDesigner: Paul Tynes

Luminous Church

Luminous ChurchDesigner: Joe Aylor

Peace Lutheran

Peace LutheranDesigner: Ian Welch

Grace Valley Christian Center

Grace Valley Christian CenterDesigner: Jessica Blizard

Update: There is now a Pinterest board with all these logos.


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