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Inspiring church stationery designs

Stationery design is one of those areas where you can get really creative. Not only with the artwork itself, but with different types of papers, various inks and even unusual materials.

Sketching a church logo

Sketching is an essential step in the process of designing a good logo. It’s the fastest way to give shape to an idea, to bring it from your mind to the real world. Putting things on paper also helps by creating an overview of your

Using wall art to communicate and inspire

Over the years, wall art has been made in various ways and used in various places. Beside its graphical value it can provide a great way to deliver a message, an idea or a story. Here are a few examples of how some churches use

3 lovely Church logos

Having a good logo for your Church does not automatically translate into having a good branding. But it does help a lot by laying a well built base for a powerful brand. This is today’s logo selection: