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Finding high-quality free fonts for your designs

Typography is one of the central elements in each design. I’ll even go out and say that you can’t have good design without good typography. So it’s important to always use a high-quality typeface.

There’s just one thing, good fonts are not cheap. Luckily, the internet is changing that a bit and now you can even find free fonts that are worth using. You just have to know where to look for them.

Google Fonts

A great service that has a boatload of free fonts. But it’s not great at presenting them and although it has a pairings option, it’s not that impressive. So if you’re looking for some better typeface pairing ideas the following three websites should help:

Beautiful Web Type

Beautiful Web Type

Font Flavor

Font Flavor

Beautiful Web Type Combinations

Beautiful Web Type Combinations

Font Squirrel

It has the same problem like Google Fonts, but at least you get more filtering options if you have a specific style in mind. I should mention that some fonts, like Fira Sans, are featured earlier on Font Squirrel than on Google Fonts.

Fira Sans


A lot of indie font designers use Behance to present their work and every once in a while they will give away a font for free.



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