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Typography Tuesday #16

I just finished watching the Apple keynote. Some really nice things were presented today: the new bigger iPhone(6 and 6 Plus), the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. But let’s not get carried away, today is also Typography Tuesday, so you get to see even more

Typography Tuesday #15

To be honest, I’m a bit surprised that there’s such a steady stream of amazing typographic verses. This week, like usual, great design work is featured on Typography Tuesday. Enjoy!

Typography Tuesday #12

This past week, the super-talented Josh Warren has been extremely busy. In this edition of Typography Tuesday there are no less than seven of his works featured. Enjoy!

Typography Tuesday #10

And so we reach the 10th episode of the Typography Tuesday series. This week there are three typographic bible verses that I though you might like. Enjoy!

Typography Tuesday #7

Who doesn’t like a beautifully designed Bible verse? Everybody does, of course. And this week we have 3 posters for you. Enjoy!